Bottled Water Delivery in Fargo North Dakota

Take the Pure Water North Water Delivery Challenge

Pure Water North will deliver a point of use water machine to your business for a side-by-side comparison of your current 5-gallon water delivery jugs. With thousands of our Pure Water machines at businesses in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota that have replaced 5-gallon water delivery services we are so confident that you will love our machine we will install our machine for Free and give you a Free Trial with no strings attached.

Water delivery services are being replaced by Pure Water North reverse osmosis water machines that have a far better taste and purification process. Our machines have a 9-step filtration process that  gives you smart water on-demand with increased pH levels and added minerals. That’s something a water delivery service is unable to provide.

Water delivery services are being replaced by Pure Water North reverse osmosis water machines.

Another added bonus is you will never run out of water! Our machines never need to have water deliveries and less deliveries mean less foot traffic at your office and easier parking. Have you ever had your big water delivery truck block your parking lot or front door? Customers don’t seem to like this even if it happens one time.

The 5-gallon water jug delivery service has become a staple of businesses across the country. Many feel that water delivery services provide them with an easy, healthy and cheap alternative to water straight from the tap. However, these ideas aren’t totally valid. In fact, there are some pretty negative effects from using these water delivery services on your health, your wallet and the environment.

3 reasons why you should take the Pure Water North Delivery Challenge!


A business water delivery service is expensive. If you purchase four 5-gallon jugs for your office each month you’re looking at an average of $32 per month. If you are renting the cooler base (most common option) that adds $10 to $15 more totaling $42 to $47 per month. Don’t forget, some months you might use 5 or 6 jugs and then you need to pay ever more.

Solution: With Pure Water North you can use as much as you want every day and there in no extra costs! If your using 4 jugs per month at a minimum we can save you money and you can 10X the quality of your water.

Water Quality

The water quality from water delivery is roughly equivalent to that of bottled water. Most bottled water isn’t from a spring or mountain. In fact, a recent study showed that around 25% of bottled water is simply tap water. Additional studies have shown this leads to things like mold, microbes, benzene, tri-halomethanes, and even arsenic in your bottled water.

Solution: Our Pure Water North reverse osmosis ultra-filtered water process is second to none. We have taken TDS levels over 1200 down to 0 with our system. That is a testament to quality of our filtration.

Plastic Pollutes the Environment

As much as companies want to tell you plastic bottles are sustainable, they are not. Vast quantities of fossil fuels and water go into creating these bottles, which are then filled and shipped around the globe. Most bottles aren’t biodegradable either, meaning that they can stick around for a long time! Plastics are a rapidly growing segment of municipal solid waste.

Solution: A Pure Water North water machine eliminates the extensive carbon footprint of plastic production and shipping involved in any water delivery service.

What’s the Next Step?

If we can save you money and provide you with a far better drinking water system for your office, production facility, gym or spa why not give us a try. Enjoy, healthier, better tasting water for less than you are paying and stop the added foot traffic at your office from water delivery. Contact us and take the Pure Water North Water Delivery Challenge! You’ll be happy you did.

Major North Dakota cities and zip codes served by Pure Water North of Fargo, ND

58002 – Absaraka, ND; 58004 – Amenia, ND; 58005 – Argustville, ND; 58006 – Arthur, ND; 58007 – Ayr, ND; 58104 – Briarwood, ND; 58011 – Buffalo, ND; 58012 – Casselton, ND; 58014 – Chaffee, ND; 58021 – Davenport, ND; 58059 – Durbin, ND; 58079 – Embden, ND; 58029 – Erie, ND; 58102 – 58103 – 58104 – 58105 – 58106 – 58107 – 58108 – 58109 – Fargo, ND; 58104 – Frontier, ND; 58036 – Gardner, ND; 58038 – Grandin, ND; 58042 – Harwood, ND; 58047 – Hickson, ND; 58047 – Horace, ND; 58048 – Hunter, ND; 58051 – Kindred, ND; 58052 – Leonard, ND; 58059 – Mapleton, ND; 58102 – North River, ND; 58047 – Oxbow, ND; 58064 – Page, ND; 58104 – Prairie Rose, ND; 58042 – Prosper, ND; 58102 – Reiles Acres, ND; 58078 – Riverside, ND; 58071 – Tower City, ND; 58078 – West Fargo, ND; 58079 – Wheatland, ND; 58047 – Wild Rice, ND and surrounding areas

Major Minnesota cities and zip codes served by Pure Water North of Fargo, ND

56525 – Comstock, MN; 56529 – Dilworth, MN; 56514 – Downer, MN; 56536 – Felton, MN; 56547 – Glyndon, MN; 56546 – Georgetown, MN; 56552 – Hitterdal, MN; 56560 – 56561 – 56562 – 56563 – Moorhead, MN; 56580 – Sabin, MN; 56585 – Ulen, MN; 56536 – Felton, MN; 56549 – Hawley, MN; 56514 – Barnesville, MN; 56579 – Rothsay, MN and surrounding areas