Ditch Your Office Water Jug Cooler

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Standard 5-gallon water bottles can be one of the highest possibilities of transferring an illness from one co-worker or customer to another. Not to mention they are just plain heavy and awkward. Get a free estimate for on-demand purified water, save money and never run out of water!

Reasons to Stop Using 5 Gallon Water Jugs & Go Touchless

  • One low monthly fixed rental payment, all serviced locally
  • Help prevent the transfer of bacteria, germs, viruses
  • Reduce the chance of cross contamination
  • Eliminate the hassle of large bulky jugs
  • All machines come with a lifetime guarantee

Upgrade Your Health and Safety and Save Money at the Same Time

  • Touchless Water and Ice Dispensers
  • Self-Sanitized Sealed Water Tanks
  • 5 Stage RO Filtered Crystal Clear Water & Ice
  • One Low Monthly Fixed Rental Payment, Regardless of Use
  • Annual Filter Changes & Maintenance Included, No Charge
w9 touchless water filter and cooler

w9 touchless water filter and cooler

Now is the time to switch. PureWater Technology of the North is a locally owned family business. Our promise to you is that we will provide the best service in our industry backed by maintenance-free machines as long as you have your water or ice machine. Allow us to give you a free analysis on what smart & healthy drinking water should look like at your office or place of business. Ask us about our life-time satisfaction guarantee.

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