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Are you cleaning your 5 gallon jug cooler base every time you change your 5 gallon water bottle? Here are some tips on cleaning, disinfecting, and how to safely change those heavy 5 gallon jugs. Another option would be to give us a call and we can install a hands-free

You may have heard about the dangers of plastic water bottles and what they can do to the makeup of the water they contain. Not only are plastic water bottles bad for the environment, but they can be bad for your health too. Americans use, on average, 50 million plastic

Bottled water is clean and healthy – or so their producers would have you believe. After all, marketers tirelessly bombard us with picturesque images of flowing alpine springs, pristine, ice-capped mountaintops and thin, attractive models downing a pint right before biking to the pilates studio. Make no mistake about it.

A point of use (POU) water cooler differs greatly from its 5 gallon water cooler predecessors in that the water is filtered on-site, right in the machine, rather than pre-filtered and bottled at an off-site manufacturing plant, and then delivered to a home or business. Like traditional water coolers, point

Point of Use Water Coolers from Pure Water Technology of the North   Chances are, you have seen a water cooler before – whether it was in the cafeteria at work, in the waiting room at the dentist, or in the lobby of a hotel. There’s an even greater chance