Hands Free Water Dispensers

Hands Free Water Dispensers From PureWater Technology of the North

Why choose a hands-free water cooler?

Reduce the possibility of cross contamination at your office.

Standard 5-gallon water bottles can be one of the highest possibilities of transferring an illness from one co-worker or customer to another.  Not to mention they are just plain heavy and awkward.  These office water systems most of the time cost more than our state-of-the-art machine that never runs out of water.

PureWater Technology of the North Hands Free Water Coolers

No need to touch any flappers or buttons with our hands free water cooler.

PureWater Technology of the North hands free water coolers eliminate plastic bottles, along with all of their problems by using leading edge water filtration and purification technologies to transform already-available tap water. This multi-stage process removes particulates like dirt and rust, along with lead, chlorine and other harmful chemicals. Here’s the BEST PART – You will never run out of water and your price will never increase because you need more water!

As a final barrier to contamination, the purified water is stored in a sealed, sanitary holding tank. It’s like having a purification plant right in your office…providing a continuous flow of cold, clean and delicious drinking water…that’s better than bottled.

 LG parts and components
 Touch activated sensor and self-dispense pad operation
 Innovative design & technology
 Large capacity stainless steel reservoirs
 State-of-the-art filtration and sanitization*
 Enhanced alkalinity*
 Nutrient boost from added minerals*
 Built-in leak detection system
 Clean, fresh tasting water

PureWater Technology of the North is a locally owned family business. Our promise to you is that we will provide the best service in our industry backed by maintenance-free machines as long as we are your business drinking water partner. Allow us to give you a free analysis on what smart & healthy drinking water should look like at your office or place of business. Ask us about our life-time satisfaction guarantee.