Are you cleaning your 5 gallon jug cooler base every time you change your 5 gallon water bottle?

Here are some tips on cleaning, disinfecting, and how to safely change those heavy 5 gallon jugs. Another option would be to give us a call and we can install a hands-free PureWater point of use machine. Unlimited smart water on-demand. 9 stage filtered reverse osmosis water. 

Clean the inside of your water base with bleach.







If you don’t clean your base every time you change your 5 gallon jug you could be drinking airborne toxins like dirt and micro-organisms not to mention mold and bacteria. Remember to disinfect the water dispenser every time you use it especially during flu season or your chances of spreading viruses and germs are increased to an extremely high level!

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For the safest and cleanest ultra-purified drinking water contact us for a free quote. We will save you time and money when it comes to your office drinking water while providing clean awesome tasting water!

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