WS 5000

The WS 5000 water cooler provides exceptional quality and a warranty to match. The WS 5000 stands tall to place the dispensing area at a comfortable height for the user. This mechanical dispense offers a more economical alternative while living up to the Wellsys reputation for reliability. Its stainless steel reservoirs for both cold and hot tanks provide a large quantity of water for most offices. The WS 5000 is designed to fit any of our filter combinations within its base, giving a clean look. The WS 5000 has a self-contained leak detector. The optional BSP Capsule provides continuous in-tank cleaning properties, even when the cooler is not in use.

 LG parts and components
 Taller design for more comfortable dispensing height
 Innovative design & technology
 Stainless steel reservoirs
 State-of-the-art filtration and sanitization*
 Enhanced alkalinity*
 Nutrient boost from added minerals*
 Built-in leak detection system
 Clean, fresh tasting water

System Specs

Dimensions 50″H x 11.8″W x 13.75″D inches
Weight 60 lbs
Colors Available Black and White
Cold Water Capacity 1.3 gallons/4.9 liters
Hot Water Capacity 0.7 gallons/2.7 liters
Dispense Height 8.5″
Recommended Water Pressure 60 – 70 psi
Rated Voltage/Frequency 110v/60Hz @4.9 amps
Power Consumption 1.60 kWh/24 hours

*When used with Wellsys proprietary filtration.

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The better alternative to healthier water!

Bottleless coolers eliminate plastic bottles, along with all of their problems by using the latest water filtration and purification technologies. By going Bottle-less, we can reduce the amount of carbon emissions entering our atmosphere…and while making our planet greener; you’ll save some other valuable green as well. Watch the video to learn more about our purification process and why bottle-less water systems is the way to go!


Why choose a bottle-less cooler?

Why Choose a Touchless Water or Ice Dispenser?

Reverse Osmosis

pH Balanced

5-Stage Filtration


Save Money


Hot and Cold

Avoid Injury

Introducing the all new W9CT Countertop Machine

The W9CT countertop is great for any office, especially ones with tight spaces! Now with a higher 10.7" touchless dispense area.

At an overall height of 17.8" it will fit most countertops and the best part is the filters are in the unit, not under your sink! 

Internal 5-stage RO filtration
Enjoy the same refreshing water as the stand-alone systems!
Added minerals and enhanced alkalinity from our patented filters

Water & Ice System + Ice Machines

i12 Ice & Water

Meridian 312

Meridian 525

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